Lottery Truth – Prediction of Lottery Numbers

Many people bought lotteries on the basis of their intuitions. How many people are lucky enough to strike it rich? You can even make a living from it! This number is about as good as the odds that you will win lotteries. The prize money is certainly less than $1000 or $10000. So how do we overcome this mathematical disadvantage?Mathematical disadvantage has to be overcome by Mathematics. Gambling odds is a special area of Mathematics that has not been fully understood by Man. Many websites sell software that accurately predicts the outcome of future draws.

Many of these software use mathematics. Some are scams, while others provide some accuracy. One thing is certain, none of these systems or software can data bullseye be trusted to make a living from lotteries. What have I learned from these inept softwares? My experience has taught me that if a website asks you to purchase their software, there is a high likelihood it is not working as you expected. I prefer free prediction and software, and I am always improving my system. I wanted to be able to sit quietly and make my living by winning lotteries. But I’m not close enough to be able to do this. So what are your chances of being close? Close means when you can strike lotteries (Straight ort Boxed), every 4 to 5 drawings.

You can increase your odds by obtaining the previous few hundred drawings and determining the pairing frequencies. This is the only mathematical truth about gambling odds. I have created a website that provides free predictions for the lottery. Although I cannot pinpoint the exact numbers, I have reduced the number of numbers that can be bought by filing and technical analysis.